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My time in Microsoft has been at the peak of innovation working as a User Experience Product Manager in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. With the feature sets I've worked on I helped drive an increase MAU, improved user experience, and added delight to the apps I worked on.

La Cumbre Cotidiana A.C.

From a four friends starting an Instagram page to a fully funded, self functioning internationally recognized non-profit, La Cumbre Cotidiana is my passion. As co-founder and Head of Operations, I have worked on making an impact in my hometown.

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After years taking pictures, I decided to try and take it to another level by creating catalogs, telling stories of the world around me and making a business out of it.


A a Technology Consultant, I planned, estimated and prepared to execute the migration of an in-house big data app and database to cloud. This save the company energy, hence money and made the app more secure.

Image by Nicholas Cappello

MG Capital

As a Financial Analyst intern, I researched different investment options, which facilitated investment decision making at the firm 


What I consider the most important work I've done in my life up to now. Helped coordinate the fundraising and divided 500+ volunteers into teams to build 50+ homes in some of the most impoverished neighborhoods of my hometown. 

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