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TUFA for short.

This photo catalog captures a study abroad experience in Hong Kong. But not just any study abroad experience, one during the full-fledged protests against the 2019 extradition bill in Hong Kong. That means tear gas in dorm rooms, universities with students under siege by the police, missing people, yet surprisingly with some bits of fun in between these tragedies.


There are two reasons for the name of this photo catalog. First unruly needs no introduction; and second tufa; a common limestone formation which looks like stalactites. There were tons of tufas in the places I got to climb while in my unconventional abroad experience. The catalog explores the philosophy and learnings about the culture from the countries I got to visit.


the city of extremes

This is a city that has contrast embedded in its roots. I chose this destination for my foregin exchange without much thought, just knowing it had a good university and a completely different culture from mine. Yet, I was surprisingly welcomed to an amazing city with amazing nature. This  is where the balance begins. The name Hong Kong even has a yin yang sound to it. From the cityscapes to the landscapes, from the richest of rich to the poorest of poor. The city is intensely diverse, you have everything you might want or need. This is the start of The Unruly Foregin Adventures, where we go on a journey through the power struggle between democracy, freedom of speech, liberty vs communism, authoritarianism, regulation, and censorship. Let the semester begin...


Nature, partying, and hard work

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